Set in a world that plays from the online RPG class system, young men and women train in Astalon’s most elite schools in the hope of becoming Heroes- or, if they’re very good and very lucky, the next ruler of their country.

One such young man is Jyss. Hailing from the famous Cesso line, generations of elves who have always made their names as Heroes of legend, he’s thought to be the next great Hero.

Until he falls into the lower class when flunking his entrance exam.

The elf finds himself grouped with other outcasts in the lower class, forming a close knit group of impossible Heroes-in-training and shocking the country with every move, and all with one goal in mind: securing the heart of Astalon’s Prince, Enae Codes.


This story comes in four arcs. The first was tested on wattpad, where it was relatively successful and many of the events were heavily influenced by its readers.

There are two and a half arcs left to be finished, with pivotal points at the end of each arc to be decided by beta readers in a more interactive style of writing.

This is just a first draft- chapters are a little short and choppy in some places, and there are likely to be a few inconsistencies as I’ve never been able to force myself to write with a plan; everything is decided as I go. I’m more than aware of all this as they’re my usual faults, but I plan on fixing all that when the book is finished!


This story does include violence and death.

It is ALSO an LGBT love story! The main character is male, and so are all of his potential love interests. Intimate (adult rated) scenes have been written for these characters, and may or not be included in the final book.