The World:

The world of Havok is set in a supernatural post-apocalyptic (post-Reckoning) Earth.
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The Region:
"Here Be Dragons" takes place in The Realm of the Rainbow Serpent, formerly known as the South West region of Western Australia.

The Players:

  • The Protagonists:
    • Ash:
    • Pup:
    • Milo:
    • Tam:
    • Ru:

  • Supports & Antagonists
    • Demonic:

    • Kendrik Dragonthrall:
    • Tesnhefina:

    • The Blackwood Clan:
    • The Shrumi:
    • The Wuwwug:

    • The Pig Demon of Clay Valley:

    • The Troll:
    • The Leprechaun of Brawl Town:
    • Atrmodes the Great: