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"The authoritative volume on how to cook with cannabis."

- Michael Ruhlman

Seasoned chefs and cooking novices alike will revel in creating homemade cannabis-infused treats with these delicious, reliable recipes.

Enjoy the art of at-home cuisine in an entirely new way with the first cookbook to treat the humble cannabis herb as the unique culinary ingredient that it is.

Herb featured in The New York Times

Paired with delicious recipes and the pleasures of good company, cannabis cookery might open a new dimension in dining that echoes the evolutions in the wine and cocktail cultures.

We are HERB.

Everything we do we believe in the betterment of mankind. We want to educate the world about the benefits of cannabis and provide a platform for the modern cannabis enthusiast to learn more about cannabis, express themselves, and interact with a like-minded community.

Our goal is to help a billion people.

We believe:

  • Cannabis is medicine
  • The war on drugs is a complete failure
  • Prohibition must end
  • Cannabis has the power to positively change lives

We’re excited to announce Herb — our new cookbook.

Prohibition is over.

Colorado and Washington State have legalized recreational cannabis; Denver and Seattle are now epicenters of the culinary-cannabis movement. Many other states have long-established medicinal-marijuana regimes.

Cannabis has brought relief and happiness to millions. Its best days aren’t behind us — they’re ahead of us.

We feel the socio-political environment is finally right for this cookbook.

The best cannabis cookbook. Ever.

Herb represents a return to what cannabis has always been: something worthy of craft, culture, and connoisseurship.

Herb is a hardcover, 200+ page cookbook which includes:

  • Hundreds of our favorite, mouth-watering recipes
  • Beautiful photography
  • Detailed extraction methods
  • The science behind cannabis
  • Medicating with cannabis
  • And much, much, more...

We’re bringing cannabis cuisine to your kitchen table.