Userphoto9 original Geri A Sauls · Reader · edited about 1 month ago · 1 like
Definitely would love to see the final chapters!  So excited for you!

Dear Henderson House supporters,

Happy April! I hope wherever you are spring is springing. 

Here is a quick update on Henderson House:

  • My revisions to the end of the novel are almost complete. Once again, these characters are telling me where they think the story needs to go...and they’re right! 
  • Next up, I will do a full manuscript edit. I’m reading Intuitive Editing by Tiffany Yates Martin and can’t wait to implement her process.
  • Then the manuscript goes to Inkshares. I’m shooting to be finished by the end of May.

Inkshares has been very forthcoming about their backlog after suspending new releases due to the pandemic. I corresponded with Avalon at Inkshares yesterday and she said they will probably not start on anything new until late summer.

If anyone is interested in reading the revised final chapters, please message me!

All the best,


Caren mcvicker   small Caren Simpson McVicker · Author · added 2 months ago
Thanks @Geri A Sauls - I would be happy to let you continue reading! Look for an email from me:)
Userphoto6 original Geri A Sauls · Reader · added 2 months ago
Congrats!  I’m sad though - I thought I would have today to finish up (I only made it through 4 chapters) but it’s not letting me read any more!  But I look forward to reading it when it comes out.
Lcds7lkv Stephen Harrison · Author · edited 2 months ago · 2 likes
Thanks very much, Caren! Congrats on your first place finish. I’m likewise excited to be on this publishing journey with you and can’t wait to read my copy of HENDERSON HOUSE.
Userphoto8 original Emily Sinnott · Reader · edited 2 months ago · 1 like
It’s been a pleasure coming along on your beautiful ride through this amazing journey. So glad that it’s not ending here. Congratulations! 

WE DID IT!!!!! Thanks to your support, Henderson House won the 2020 Inkshares All Genre Contest! We were number 1 out of 383 entrants. I’m so grateful to each and every one of you and pretty darn excited, too. Now the work of editing, designing, marketing, and launching a book begins.

WHEN WILL YOU GET YOUR BOOK?  Inkshares estimates that the publishing process takes nine months to a year. With Covid-19, they suspended new releases in the latter part of 2020. I don’t know if that means they are gearing up for more releases than usual in 2021 and early 2022, or if my book launch might be delayed. I will keep you posted.

The GOOD news is that I will have a team of professionals managing that process for me and helping Henderson House get the best launch possible! It also gives me time to start working on the sequel :) Who’s ready to see Frank and Bessie get married, Florence head to Tulsa and Mrs. H. move to Princeton?

HOW CAN YOU CONTINUE TO HELP? Gee, thanks for asking:) Henderson House can continue to take Pre-Orders. Pre-Orders are ESSENTIAL to hitting BEST SELLER benchmarks. So please, keep sharing the link to my Inkshares book page and encouraging folks to reserve a copy.

Also, Inkshares is known for securing audiobook/film/TV deals for its properties. I need to provide Inkshares with COMPS - what books or movies do you think are comparable to Henderson House? Please let me know. I could really use your input.

WANT TO FOLLOW THE JOURNEY? I will send major milestone updates through Inkshares. If you are interested in following all the ups and downs of this publishing adventure, please visit my website and subscribe to my blog. https://www.carenmcvicker.com/

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my dream of becoming a published author come true ❤️


Caren mcvicker   small Caren Simpson McVicker · Author · edited 2 months ago · 1 like
Thank you, Skip! I’m so pleased both you and Derry enjoyed the second draft.
Userphoto4 original Jordan E Dickinson · Reader · edited 2 months ago · 2 likes
It has been a joy to read this book while my wife Derry is a beta reader.  I love the sense of place, and the special vibrations and colors of Mrs. H. and Henderson House as an entity.  I appreciate how Bessie Blackwell’s interior prayers come so naturally for her.  Her integrity of character shines throughout.  Thank you for inviting us to such a good and enjoyable read!  (Rev.) Skip Dickinson
Userphoto5 original Jsmthethird · Reader · edited 2 months ago · 2 likes
I’m so proud of you, Mom! Can’t wait to read that new chapter you’ve been working on!!!

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