’Harbinger’ is a huge undertaking- and, technically, a sequel.

For those of you who’ve found my works here, rather than following me from wattpad where I was previously posting his works, feel free to read this as a stand-alone. I’m going to do my darndest to make that possible- and would very much appreciate it if you’d point out anything that doesn’t make sense to you when it comes to Breylin and Luca, Keller’s adoptive parents, as they’re from a book written under a joint pen name with another lovely author.

However, Keller’s story is solely his own, full of his own misfortunes, so he can suffer the same pain and sorrow as his parents.

This tale is told in large, overlapping arcs, each most likely long enough to be its own separate book, pulled together under a joint name. As of this moment, there is a grand total of seven arcs planned, each their own individual story that links into something larger.


As with all of my books, this is an LGBT novel. There will be intimate scenes. There will also be blood, violence, and death- as there should be with any ghost novel worth the paper it’s written on.

Please be prepared for that. I’ll do my best to place warnings for the intimate scenes, but I have no plans of cutting them out entirely. If that’s not your cup of tea, as sad as I will be to see you go, it’s in your best interests to look elsewhere for your afternoon read.