Chapter one

This book is a true story about my life, my fathers life and my grandfathers life. It begins in the 1930s leading up to the present day. It is a tragic and intriguing tale about the mega rich and the dirt poor. My father is the illegitimate son of the late Dr. James Lawder Gamble, (Grandson of the Proctor and Gamble cofounder). My name is Scott Russell-Roberts. You might ask why my last name is Russell-Roberts. The answer is that the famous Dr. Gamble was having an affair with my grandmother while working for the Red Cross in Europe before WW2. My father was born in London and following his birth, Dr. Gamble took my father to live with his cousin Kay (Gamble) Russell-Roberts in London who was married to Mr. Frederick Russell-Roberts. The couple frequently made trips to the south of France on their yacht. They were eventually caught in France however when the war began and made haste to get back to London by any means necessary. My father was left behind on the yacht. The Nazis seized the yacht and put my father in a detention area. The Russell-Roberts informed Dr. Gamble and his wife of what had happened by post upon returning to London. The letter was very cleverly scripted and addressed to Mrs Gamble. It stated that the couple had to leave their yacht during the Nazi invasion and that my father was somehow left behind. It goes on to include an explanation of where my father came from. Kay (Gamble) Russell-Roberts explains to Mrs Gamble that they had adopted this lovely baby boy who they found in an orphanage during their travels in the south of France. We know however that each of these statements were false as they never adopted my father and he was born in London. We can also see that Dr. Gamble was involved at the time of my fathers birth and even suggests his name for my father on the certificate of naming. My fathers name was changed three times on the certificate of naming and his legal name is in fact Mario Cadell Lee which came from my grandmother who was Nina Cadell Lee. This is where the deception begins however I do not think it was long before Mrs Gamble discovered the truth. The Americans were not involved in the war yet and Dr. Gamble sailed across the Atlantic and then hired two Nazi planes to get my father out of the camp in France. He then took my father back to America on the Excambion vessel from Portugal. Dr. Gamble then raised my father from the age of nine but never informed him that he was his father. Dr. Gamble was a multi millionaire, being a direct descendent to the P & G fortune. My father went to the best schools and all that came with the multi millionaire lifestyle. Dr. Gamble died shortly after my father became an adult however and the rest of the family disinherited him. The other Gamble siblings received hundreds of millions in P & G stock and other assets along with a trust fund. My father received nothing. I grew up in extreme poverty while my cousins enjoyed the best that money can buy. My wife and I began investigating all of this a few years ago. We eventually found all of the facts and my father was surprised to hear that he was Dr. Gambles son. We had a look at Dr. Gamble’s will and were surprised to see that he had indirectly mentioned my father and the grandchildren which includes myself and my three sisters. The language in the will specifically states children and grandchildren by blood will inherit which means us. My two half sisters were adopted however so that forfeits their claim. We spoke to the rest of the family and they eventually admitted the knowledge that my father was Dr. Gamble’s son. Dr. Gamble’s wife had left strict instructions, never to mention her husband’s affair to anyone. I showed them a copy of Dr. Gamble’s will and explained that my father and us should have been and should be included in the inheritance but they just became indignant about it. I spoke to a lawyer and he said that it would be a difficult case to crack because the money had long since been dispersed. It is worth mentioning that every one of my Gamble cousins has a prominent position as Doctors, Congressmen, P & G Executives etc. They advocate responsible parenting including paying child support etc. however they have shunned their own uncle and cousins and allowed me to grow up in poverty. I contacted P & G and US Trusts and showed them a copy of the will. US Trusts holds what remains of Dr. Gamble’s trust. They will not discuss the trust with me, even though it is clear that I am an heir. This says a great deal about who we have in charge of our Banks, big business, government and medical practices. If they are more then willing to shun their own family then how do things stand for everyone else who depends on them? I would have at least thought that P & G would have stepped in once they saw that these shares had been incorrectly dispersed! One of my fathers half brothers still has 2.5 million in his trust. He is the only male sibling still living besides my father. There is also one female sibling alive however she has withdrawn her money from the trust. Their children or my cousins withdrew theirs when they got wind of what I was doing fairly recently after my fathers other male sibling passed away. The lawyer whom I was recently speaking to was successful in a very similar case and was very interested in this case. He said that the amount of money still remaining in the trust however was not enough for his large firm to pursue. I was brought up in Los Angeles California and Reno Nevada through the welfare system as my mom died when I was six. My father looked after me for awhile but being an airline pilot, he had better and more exciting things to do which mainly included chasing women and did not include looking after his children. He married another women following my mothers death and she had my two half sisters. Within less then two years of my mothers death, my full sister and I were taken two Nebraska and then on to Michigan. My father then divorced his second wife shortly after my second half sister was born and they both went back to Nebraska to live with my former stepmothers parents. My full blooded sister and I went to live with my grandmother on my mothers side. My grandmother felt as though she could only keep one of us however and my father had made a half hearted suggestion about taking me so my sister and I were split up and I went to live with my father. I arrived at an apartment that my father had rented in Reno, Nevada but was shocked to hear that I was going to be living there alone. My father had found a woman who had a young son around my age. He was staying with them and did not offer to have me join them. I would take myself to school and do the shopping, cooking, cleaning etc. on my own. My father would stop by to give me money or a beating once in awhile and tell me to do my homework and spend my time reading. He also told me that I was not allowed to bring friends home and that I must come directly home from school. It was a very lonely existence. The neighbours eventually realised that I was staying there alone and the department of social services was called. Needless to say, I had an extremely hard upbringing hence this story is all the more poignant. I think that children without ether parent suffer more regardless to their living situation. My pain was made even more intense by having to endure very violent living situations where I was an outsider. I was later the only white kid at the Optimist boys home in Los Angeles. This was like walking around with a target on my back around the clock. I was beat up regularly until I got older and learned to defend myself. The other kids began to leave me alone after awhile. Lets jump forward to this year. My wife and I joined to bring my family tree together. My father was born in England and we assumed was adopted by the Russell-Roberts family. My father is still living and gave us a few details although couldn’t elaborate on some things as his early stage Alzheimers is affecting his memory somewhat now. Judging from my fathers original birth certificate, Nina Caddel lee is his natural birth mother. I always knew there was a story about Nina. Her address was in France, but she went to a private address in London to give birth to her son (my father), on the 23rd of march 1932. She originally named my father Mario so she was likely Italian and also of independent means. My father had always maintained that he had been brought up by "Blue Bloods" and people of means which didn’t mean that much to us at the time. His supposed adopted parents were Frederick Russell-Roberts and his wife Kay, so I popped that info into the ancestry search engine and Kay’s maiden name turned out to be Winifred K Gamble, The very same Gambles as of Proctor & Gamble, only the English cousins. After we picked ourselves up off the floor, I managed to wring some more information out of my father. It turns out that my father never lived with his supposed adopted parents. He remembered living in the south of France with the governess in big houses and yachts, but also living in squalor before boarding the ship to America with Dr. James L Gamble at the age of nine. (passenger list) 1942. We are talking war torn France before America became involved. My father was nine years old and had spent previous years with the governess before being detained by the Nazi’s. Could she have been his mother Nina? We will never know what happened to Nina in war torn France or why my father was taken to live with Dr. Gamble’s cousin. Where was Nina during all of this or was she the Governess employed by the family? Now why would a prominent Doctor like James L Gamble (Grandson of the cofounder of Proctor & Gamble) rescue a boy out of occupied France and bring him to America and then raise him with his own family? This was all of the while hiring two Nazi aircraft and flying through a fire fight in France. You heard right, my father was raised by Dr. James L Gamble and his wife Elizabeth but as it turns out, the doctor was working in Italy and France for the Red Cross. Where have we heard Italy mentioned before? Ah yes the unmarried mother Nina. This was only the beginning and we eventually located more documents with Nina and Dr. Gamble’s name on them and the affair eventually became obvious. We did further research and also discovered that my father was never adopted by the Russell-Roberts. Dr. Gamble had arranged with his cousin Kay to look after my father following his birth. I have been in contact with the Gambles and they were helpful with genealogical info, but refuse to do a DNA test. This was before we began to discuss Dr. Gamble’s affair. They pretty much shut down all communication after that but not before they admitting knowing that my father was illegitimate. This came after a heated argument and they went on to tell me that I did not stand a hope in hell at getting my inheritance. They said that they have some of the most powerful people and lawyers at their disposal. Maybe one day I will get the DNA test done. I should stress how life was being brought up in Foster Homes and the infamous Boy’s Homes in Los Angeles while all of the while being the great Grandson of James L Gamble of the Proctor & Gamble company. My life began okay even without the Gamble money. You don’t think about money much as a young kid if you have a loving mother or father, enough to eat and a roof over your head. The following is how my life began. It was a fine day in San Pedro California. Just another day amongst many however I was just six years old. Every day seemed new and comfortable in my house with my mom and my sister. My father was out flying for the airlines but we felt comfortable at home with mom. There was a pot of porridge boiling on the stove. It seemed to be boiling a little to long this time however. That was when I looked over at my mom who was talking on the phone which was mounted on the wall. Within seconds she dropped the phone and fell on the floor. I did not know what to do and I was very young. She must have known something was wrong because she had phoned my grandmother and an ambulance. It turned out that she had suffered from an aneurism. She had immediately gone into a coma when she hit the floor and died in the hospital two days later. My father never got to speak with her again and I think that it changed him forever. He ended up leaving the airlines. My sister and I were taken by my mothers parents. My grandfather was not well and died shortly after my mother. The Gamble’s were notified along with my father of course. Some friends of the Gamble’s suggested taking me but never followed through on it. The Gamble’s offered no help. Meanwhile at the Gamble estate at 33 Edgehill road, Brookline Massachusetts, the servants were making their way in from their quarters and preparing the meals for the day. They were having more children and had some around my age. They are my cousins. My cousins were driven by the chauffeur to exclusive schools in the area. The older children were each given sports cars and they would drive themselves back and forth to their universities. They would spend their free time at the sailing club or skiing in the winter. I arrived at my first foster home in Sun Valley Nevada just outside Reno at the age of eight. The woman had eighteen foster children of all ages. It was a large ranch style house with a bunkhouse in the back. They had a few cattle and horses in stables which the families older biological children would tend to. Their were no children around my age. They were all much younger or older. I was put into a room in the main house with some very young kids that I could not relate to. I really craved acceptance amongst my peers despite being very lonely and I asked if I could stay out in the bunkhouse with the older kids. I was given a bunkbed in the bunkhouse above an older kid who resented my being there and would beat me up regularly. I would also get beaten up badly by the other kids. One time they put me in a sleeping bag and used me as a punching bag. It was terrifying and I was beaten badly. The worst part was not being able to get out and being suffocated while being punched at the same time. I thought that they were going to kill me and they almost did. I suffered a broken nose and numerous bruises. I was not taken to the hospital so never knew the actual extent of my injuries. I was taken to a farm to pick potatoes sometime later. My nose was not broken completely at that point. We began picking potatoes and I leaned up for a breath only to see a potato coming at me. It hit me square in the nose and broke it right through. The kid in the bunk above me had thrown it at me. My nose was crooked and another older kid grabbed it and straightened it out for me quickly. Things were not going as I had hoped in the bunkhouse and I eventually began taking drugs with the older kids. I thought that I might get some acceptance this way. The older kids thought it was funny to see me out of my head on the drugs and the beatings continued. The drugs sometimes made them worse. Some of the kids had older brothers who were fighting in Vietnam. They would come and visit with drugs in their duffle bags. The supply was endless. I was a very intelligent kid but my school work began to slip because of the drugs and the beatings. My father was notified of my school work and he came to the foster home and gave me another beating. I was very unhappy and would sometimes wonder what my sister was doing. My mothers parents were wealthy and my sister was being very well looked after by my grandmother. I thought about running away several times but did not know where to go. I finally decided that I would go to my uncles house in Los Angeles at Christmas time even though I had not been invited.  

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