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Thanks for your patience as I re-organized the first few chapters!  After some polishing here and there, I’ve put up what I hope is close to the final version of the chapters previously posted, as well as Chapter 7.  For those who have asked, you can now find out a little more about Grayson’s history with the creature, and how he ended up on Lagrange Station 2.

The next two chapters go hand-in-hand, so they will be posted together.  After that, a new title and cover art.

Stay tuned!

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First, thanks to all of you for continuing to follow Grayson!

Due to some recent travel, it’s been a few weeks since I posted.  In that time, I’ve done some serious thought on the structure of the story.  Thanks to advice from a few author friends, I’ve spent more time reading books on storytelling and characterization than writing in the last two weeks.  

While I’m pretty comfortable with my prose, going into this project I felt like a chimpanzee pounding away at the keyboard when it comes to storytelling.  After reading a few books on how to tell a good story, I realize now I’m more like a trout. I have seven more books on my reading list, and in the meantime I’ll be making slow progress on the first draft.  

As a result of my research so far, I’m seriously considering a restructure of the first few chapters. I realize, thanks to some great feedback from early readers, the story doesn’t feel sci-fi soon enough.  The changes I’m considering will dovetail nicely with a new title I have in mind, as well as an updated cover design.  Stay tuned!

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Happy Friday!  I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate you for following my work!

I’ve been making great progress on the draft, and hopefully I’ll have another chapter that is ready to share by the end of next week.  In the meantime, I thought I’d share how I imagine two of the characters would look in real life.  Each of them is a mashup of two well-known actors.  Can you guess who they are?

Have a great weekend!

Grayson Clarke

Karen Conn

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To my most recent followers, welcome! Since my last post, I’ve finished four new chapters with about 8,000 new words! 

Chapter 7 needs a bit of work before it’s suitable for posting, but lately I’ve been focused on finishing the first draft.  My characters continue to grow, and I’m excited to follow alongside their adventure!  

Thanks for the support - hopefully by the end of the month, I’ll be close to finishing the draft and can get back to posting finished chapters.


Hope you’ve all had a great week!  Taking the advice of an author friend, I’ve pulled back from continuing to polish finished chapters so I can focus on knocking out more of the rough draft.  I do have an update though - I’ve added Chapter 6 to the project page.  It’s now available for your review!

Have a great weekend,


Thank you all for following my book! This week I’ve been focused on cleaning up a few chapters that weren’t quite ready for posting. I feel like I need a few more posted to really get the story off the ground before I can consider any pre-sales.  If you have any comments on what’s posted so far, I’d love to hear them.  Have a great weekend!

Best, Mike