What would you do if you could have a second chance? Humans (and mermaids) make mistakes - it’s in our nature - it’s how we learn. Occasionally, we make huge mistakes. For instance, losing our lives, freedom, and dignity all for the love of a huMAN. Join Katrielle (The Little Mermaid) as she becomes flesh and bone once more. A thousand years has passed since her last run in with humans. This time, she wants nothing to do with them. However, fate has other plans.  Will Katrielle remain the same ashamed and uncontent mergirl she was a thousand years ago, or will she make a change? Can people (or mermaids) change? Are we stronger than our vanities and insecurities? Most important, is Katrielle?  Embark on a timeless journey to the present. Be by Katrielle’s side as she takes on cars, cities, new foods, clothes, music, and motion-sensor doors. See what happens when she falls in love again. With the seawitch’s spell still in place - but no seawitch to consult - what will Katrielle do to stay human?