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Hi all! Things have ground to a slight halt on the writing front recently. My beloved cat was taken ill and we had to have him put to sleep, and it was all very sad, and I didn’t feel like writing at all.  But I’m back in the saddle now. The next chapter or two of the novel are proving to be hard work - I skipped over them in my very first draft because I found the pacing too difficult.  I’ll get there, though. Thanks for sticking with me, as always.  x

Hi everyone. If you’d like to take your minds off the sickening scenes in Charlottesville and the threat of nuclear annihilation for five minutes or so, I’ve just uploaded a couple of new chapters - 6 and 7.  The novel is ticking along well and I’m hoping to enter it into a competition in January, so any feedback is appreciated. Oh - I also now have a website, Rebeccapert.com, and a Twitter account, Rebecca_Pert. Thanks everyone as always for your continued support. X

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Hey readers! I’ve been pretty busy with stuff recently (primarily learning to drive, doing up my house, and trying not to die of heatstroke) but chapter 5 is finally up. After this point my uploads should be a little more frequent, as I’ve got most of the rest of the novel written and polished and ready to go. I’m aiming to get my manuscript ready for the Mslexia first novel contest in September. Feedback encouraged.  Thanks so much for all your support so far.
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Hi all - I’ve posted chapter 3.  I hope you like it. Please remember that any views expressed by my characters (including the narrator) are in no way my own! I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m treating the Thalidomide crisis too flippantly. These are the sort of thoughts that can worry me so much I stop writing. Trying to just forge ahead and hope people give me the benefit of the doubt.... 

Next chapter up. Lots of flaws, needs work, but unless I learn how to share the crap parts as well as the good bits then this story will never make it out of my own head.

Thank you so much to my readers for your support and kind words so far. You encourage me more than I can say.

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@Alastair Luft thank you for your kind words  and for welcoming this newbie to the Inkshares community. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and it left you wanting more!
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Thank you so much @Janna Grace - I’ve never read Geek Love but it looks incredible - such a compliment to be compared to it! As always, thank you for your love and support - you’re an inspiration!
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A very powerful passage with a strong voice and vivid descriptions that left me anticipating what’s to come. What deeds wouldn’t the narrator have done were it not for the fire? Very interested to see how this story comes together. 
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Beautiful, poignant and brilliant-- as expected. I can’t recommend Rebecca’s work enough! Such a unique voice jumps out of the text from the very start and I frankly  haven’t been this excited by a story since the first few pages of Geek Love stole my heart. Can’t wait to preorder!!