Aging was the ultimate disease. It killed every living thing - until it was cured. Now the rich live on forever, while the poor who cannot afford immortality live and breed and die, forgotten. But the rich need not stay rich; the living need not stay alive. The Golem is coming, and everything will change.

Far in the future, the Great Intelligence has all but eradicated death and disease. Through revolutionary advances in nanotechnology humans may live forever - for a price. Money, of course. Money, and eternal sterility.

Lita fears she has made a terrible mistake. Sterile and bored with eternity, she longs for a child. In the solitude of her lab she begins to build, consumed by the need to create and safe in the knowledge that she has forever to succeed.

But a threat is growing, a dark cloud of discontent choking the slums, filling the poor and the young with the whisper of revolution. And from the darkness rises up a name, one word that promises freedom: Golem.