I started working on this december of last year and the last couple of chapters although childish I think are the best chapters of the book. However I will say the instantaneous chapters that I had previously written were great simply because they didn’t overstay their welcome. The tone of the book is not actually as dramatic as the first chapter indicates. However, the concept of a dead woman answering prayers as god is kept throughout the book. The idea is to bring some interesting perspectives into the story. Chapters 14 through 19 try to add the perspective of fantasy characters from movies and tv into the mix. The idea being now we’re not limited to just this story told as if it was in the real world. We also have this story told potentially across every imaginary character ever told. The logistics of that are definitely iffy. I’m happy to get followers on the book. Hopefully someone has read the new chapters. Chapter 16 and 17 are particularly good. and don’t even get me started on that one chapter. well I’m sure whoever’s reading this has a least favorite chapter. Hopefully it isn’t all of them.

Completion date: Chapters 14 through 19 1/17/2019 5:39am

It isn’t mentioned on this book but whenever I get 1 follower. I write a 1000 words. today I got 2 followers in one day, and as it turns out. Although it may be easy for me to write 1000 words in one day, It is not with this story,easy, to write 2000 words. I think I’ve written about 1400 words, so that sort of meets the goal. The completion dates on each series of chapters listed are protected by poor mans copyright. this is not legal advice. I am not a lawyer. Usually you write a book noone knows about it, and the copyright date is the date that all pages are written for the book. However, a short story isn’t more copyrightable than a novel or anything. basically from now on once chapters are published to the site I copy them to a notepad document. The time it shows the file was created is the most recent copyright date of those chapters. If for some reason I decide to step away from the book for several years and not publish it. The idea is those copyrights don’t expire. I do understand that inkshares has the right to release as many derivative works of people’s books on the site as they need to. I mean they do need to be able to publish the book, and any future sequels you might want to make in the future. I just wish they would give a time for when a chapter was last edited. however long that is. I don’t anticipate getting any more followers and therefore posting more chapters, but who knows. I really don’t want to seem antagonistic here. Copyrighting a book is complicated. Editing a book is not considered to be changing the copyright if the edits are grammatical and don’t change the story. At least that’s what I think. I’m not a lawyer. They may just be protecting writers. However, this idea that a half published book is an idea is wrong. A half published book is not an idea. In fact if the page goal you set for your self is too large. A half published book could be the result. It would be very disappointing, but at least the pages that were written were well written. It’s kind of like seeing a film and the second half of the film is just much weaker than the first half.