Hi, everyone! I enjoy creating worlds, and I enjoy video games, so I thought to put my Master’s in Creative Writing to use when I found out about the Nerdist contest going on with Inkshares. I am grateful to have the opportunity to stretch my writing abilities with this contest, and I will do my best to provide a thoughtful and engaging read!

I came up with the idea of Glitched when I was thinking of a story for the genre of video games. I feel like the topic is broad, and I wanted to do something unique, so my brain went with the thought of : What if technology advanced to the point of something simple, like video game streaming and speed running held deadly consequences? Thus, Glitched had been born, and the idea as well as the work itself is in its infancy, but it holds a lot of promise for me as a writer.

How you could help me strengthen my idea and influence my draft is simple. Tell me what parts work for you and what parts don’t work for you. Even if one person has already said that a part doesn’t work for them, tell me again, so that I can look at those parts and identify and fix the problems. I will work hard on this project and keep you all as updated as I can! I do hope you enjoy Glitched enough to consider pre-ordering!