Bethany Shontz
Story: In the future, where reality is blurred, Glitchers--speed runners in our world--save video game streamers from certain death. One girl and her gang must help the Glitchers infiltrate a virtual reality game to save those in need before time runs out
Stephen Carignan
The idea of chaotic good mavericks patrolling the virtual world and using their skills to combat an unseen threat is just cool. The introduction to this book is a great way to show reader around the world they are about to explore, and I thought the characters and imagery were compelling. I look forward to reading more.
Xavier Auger-Mailhot
When Virtual Reality becomes a slaughterhouse for entertainers, speed runners, now known as Glitchers, arise to save those in trouble with the system. Although the sample chapter doesn't give much away for now, this tale has a promising future.