G. Derek Adams
Science fiction WITH A BOOT TO THE FACE.  Hard-ass space marines take care of business with speed and elan. The pace of the writing zips along - high action, with strong quippy dialogue -- I was unconsciously reaching for the tub of popcorn at my side a few hundred words in. I've only read the first chapter - because that was all I needed to know that I wanted to read the whole thing in its completed form - but Paul's already put up the first 8 chapters for perusal like a madman if you need more convincing. This thing is clearly for fans of Alien, Ghost Recon, Gears of War, or just gunmetal sci-fi that with a high body count.
Paul Inman Author of Ageless
Ghosts of War is one of my most anticipated books on Inkshares at the moment. Paul has done such amazing things with what I have read so far. The opening chapter has it all. Action, suspense, great characterization, and a familiar enough cast/story to keep me engaged, but not have to keep me guessing as to what is going on. I love the potential that this story has and I love that Paul is very passionate about what he does. If you haven't picked up your copy of Ghosts of War, do it now!
Thad Woodman
A really fun, action-packed read.
John Robin, author of Blood Dawn
A high-paced, action-packed storytelling. Paul Robinson blends scifi and thriller and comic book hero stories all into a great narrative with Ghosts of War, complete with a uniquely envisioned world. Highly recommended!
Jamison Stone, author of Rune of the Apprentice
Action, Adventures, and Intriguing Sci-Fi Warfare. Ghosts of War has it all and Robinson delivers it with great writing. I'm very excited to get my copy!
J.M. White
Paul Robinson has set an amazing stage with Ghosts of War. A colorful cast of characters lead the reader down a path of revenge, grief, more revenge, and comraderee. Lots of action, great humor, and an unforgettable storyline.   
Zack Jordan
*Rubs hands together* Now we're talking!This is the kind of addictive fiction that I like between my more serious reads. Shooting, dodging, apparently some telekinetic activity or something, a casino, an assassination, an AI, the list goes on. Great start.