Well Geek and Sundry has started another contest. I know it’s difficult to earn your trust because I deleted my previous project and I can’t promise I won’t do that again. If you continue to read my projects and want to continue reading them. you may want to save them. The idea for the next project is robots in the 300th century. A book where robots live in a perfect world, just not for robots. Robots clash with anti-robot sentiment. However, not all people hate robots. One of the people who likes them is the creator of the robot and the conversations in the story between humans and robots supposedly are between real robots in real-time just like in the last book. There is also a side story about stopping the universe progression to energy balance leading to the end of the world. However, this does not even attempt to be a realistic look at the subject. for every 1 follower. I will write 3 pages up to a total of 50 published pages and after that the book will be updated but just not on the site. However, this is extremely optimistic.