Chapter X (example)

Judging people for their crimes was one of the many tasks the queen Destiny had to endure, both as the leader and sole ruler on her ship, but also when it came to her company. It was up to her to make sure everyone on her fleet followed her directives and rules, to ensure that nobody rebelled or broke protocol behind her back.

This meant that sometimes she took the role as judge and listened somewhat patiently to each individual, before she analysed the data which her two faithful counsellors provided her with, before she would eventually reach a verdict. So yes she was indeed a dictator who judged her crew and sometimes Destiny even took on the role as the executioner.

When ruling and judging, the queen was usually fair and just when reaching her verdict. However if you’re caught in betraying her trust, she would not hesitate to chop your head off.

This was one of those days where Destiny had to judge one of her employees, a fat man called Jarl Smith, which was why she was currently sitting in the counselling room on her ship Stargazer, listening to the claims against him.

Ohh well at least the room was magnificent, since it was a massive room with white walls that contained a lot of various picture, all kept in a red, white and golden pattern. In the middle of the room her chair, which was made of gold and red satin was positioned, while there were two ordinary chairs on each side of her, which belonged to her most faithful councillors Fritz and Sally.

A few feet away from the chairs, there was a huge golden circle on the floor, where the accused was forced to stand. Some might think, the circle was there to ensure the culprit didn’t escape but it was merely there as a decoration, so she could keep her target in one place. It was like the convicted people was in some weird sort of dart game as they stood in the circle, while she and her devoted councillors threw sharp accusations at their targets.

That didn’t make it less boring, Destiny thought while sighing loudly as she used one of her hands to straighten her tight red dress, that left nothing to the imagination. Which she honestly enjoyed, because her body was perfectly curvy with a small thigh, huge hips and gigantic boobs.

So, mister Smith” the queen swayed with her long golden hair, while eyeing the man up and down. Not that he was a pleasant man to look at, quite the contrary since the guy was so extremely fat that he was literary wobbling, as he stood shivering and sweating in fear.

Heck she should convict him, for being an abomination to look at...

I didn’t do anything...” the man whimpered, his eyes darting around the room to avoid looking in her direction.

You’re here today, on the accusation of stealing from the cargo you were supposed to deliver to our southern factory” Destiny said in a cold voice, her long fingernails tapping against her chair.

My queen please...”

Hush!” she had no patience to deal with his interruptions, especially because she was starting to feel a prickling headache

Sally darling” the queen waved with her hand “will you be be a dear and read his account balance”

Yes my lady” the person on her right, a woman with long red hair and beautiful green eyes nodded while pushing a few button on her tablet before swiping her hand up into the air, thereby creating a floating page that contained a lot of numbers.

I dare say...” Destiny scratched her chin knowingly with one of her long nails “... it does look like there is a lot of income on your account, that you didn’t receive from us. Quite a lot in fact, mm...”

It’s a coincidence! I...” Jarl denied as more pearls of sweat started rolling down his fat cheeks “... it was uhm... inheritance! I... my mother died and then...”

Ohh really now?” Destiny raised an eyebrow clearly not buying that excuse.

Yes...?” he answered in a weak voice, barely above a whisper.

There is another irregularity a month ago in his account” her second councillor, a young guy with long black hair stated “However this time the amount of money wasn’t that big”

Thank you my dear Fritz” the queen took a deep breath before turning her attention back on the fat man “How do you explain this?”

I...” Jarl gulped loudly, making his massive Adam’s apple bounce up and down “... I sold some crops from my farm...”

According to my calculations the amount he received, isn’t realistic compared to the value of of crops that could be planted and harvested on his field” Sally’s lips curled backwards revealing her teeth “Besides it isn’t time to harvest yet, is it?”

I had to... sell it... early?” Jarl stuttered as tears gathered in his eyes.

You would gain nothing, selling something that hasn’t fully grown” Fritz informed, sounding bored.

I’ve heard enough” Destiny exhaled loudly as her eyes locked with the fat man in front of her “You keep denying that you sold the cargo you were supposed to deliver to our facility this morning” her eyes narrowed in disgust as she once more eyed him up and down “And you fail to explain or give a valid reason for the transfer of money to your account”

I...” the man started crying “... it really wasn’t my fault... someone stole it...”

Ohh this will not do... not at all” she slowly got into a standing position, before leisurely walking in the man’s direction, her hips swaying almost teasingly as her sharp heels slammed against the ground. making it echo as she moved forwards.

Not saying anything the queen placed her palm against Jarl’s chest, surprising him so much that he took a step backwards, but because he was so occupied in his mind it caused him to fall down on his butt, his flesh and fat wobbling from the sudden movement.

I think we both know you’re wasting our time, now don’t we?” her eyes glistened with anger, making the poor fat man tremble even more in his position on the ground.

Pathetic...” Destiny hissed in annoyance, as she raised one of her legs in order to dig her sharp heel into one of his junk, earning a heart piercing scream to fill the room.

Now I’ve been a good girl and gave you a fair chance to give me your side of the story... to tell me, no us the truth” the queen added more power into her heel, making the poor guy whimper in agony, as more tears and also saliva started streaming down his face “Now my patience is running thin, so tell me... did you steal my cargo and sell it?”

Jarl was in so much pain he couldn’t answer her at first, but eventually he did manage to nod ever so slightly.

That wasn’t so hard now was it” the queen smirked wickedly as she gracefully removed her heel, before turning her head to exchange a look with Fritz “Now would you care to tell me, what this man wagered in his contract if he was ever was to betray me?”

Of course ma’am” the black haired councillor nodded before he swiped with his arm, in order to make a new page replace the former one in the air “According to his contract he put down his son Jarl Junior Smith”

Ohhh my, my...” the queen smoothly swung her head around, her hair following the movement like golden rivers was attached to her skull “... what a shame...”

No...” Jarl whimpered while looking absolutely terrified, but it did nothing for the queen, who looked more like a predator as she flashed her white teeth in a lethal looking smile.

Ohh yes” Destiny licked her lips “Seems like your son will pay for your failures. What a pity, according to the records he is still a mere child is he not?”

Please... he’s only five year old... you can’t... please” Jarl tried reaching out towards her, to plead to her better nature but it was too late. If anyone betrayed her, she showed no mercy whatsoever.

Tsch!” the queen spat in anger before slamming her heel down on his approaching hand, making it crash loudly against the ground where the sharp edges on her heel dug straight through the meat and fat, the bones cracking with a sickening sound, before blood started to flow down on the ground.

You pathetic piece of shit! Now look what you made me do to my fashionable shoes!” the queen roared in anger and reached into her bosom, where she dug out a tiny but lethal blaster “You know I had to fuck the designer to get these, you fucking retarded monkey! Ohh don’t look at me like it was worth it, the sex was absolutely dreadful!”

Growling with fury, her finger pulled the trigger, making a blue laser emerge, that made her victim’s head explode, sending a mixture of brain matter, blood and skull pieces everywhere.

Unforgivable...” she snorted when noticing that a majority of what used to be Jarl Smith’s head was suddenly drenching her beautiful red dress.

Indeed...” Sally agreed “Do you wish to dispose of his son as well?”

You know the answer to that” Destiny sucked in her breath while picking up some brain matter, she very casually flicked away “The rules are there for a reason and unfortunately for the child, his lousy father breached the contract”

I will contact the assassination squad right away” the woman bowed gracefully.

I’ll make sure to dispose of the body” the male councillor nodded while tapping on his tablet. “According to my information the Galactic Sausage Surprise company has a factory at one of the nearest planets. They’re always open to some free meat and never asks further questions” Fritz smirked “Rest assured I’ll follow protocol and remove his personal files or anything else that relates to your facility mistress”

My precious darlings, I wouldn’t know what to do without you” she purred while removing her heel from the dead man’s hand, which made a nasty swooping sound as it slid out.

Now if that’s all, I’m gonna go untug and treat myself with a nice hot bath” she smiled warmly at the two, before gently placing a small kiss on their cheeks “Don’t stay up too late kittens, we have an important day tomorrow”

Yes ma’am” they answered in unison, earning a nod from her before she very elegantly started walking towards her own corridors while swaying her hips in smooth patterns.

In her mind she was looking forwards to pampering herself a bit and honestly Destiny thought she deserved it. After all it wasn’t every day she was covered in the remaining parts of a dead man’s head...