"Fury From Hell" began from a walk during my lunch break. I saw an orange cone with misty smoke swirling out of the top. I wondered, What if there was something in the mist, like a demon, that wanted to possess someone? Maybe only women. What if that demon possessed a cop...?

The story progressed and grew longer and more intricate. This is destined to be a series and I already have the first four books clearly in mind. "Fury From Hell" is ultimately about good vs. evil and how the dark side can be seductive, alluring. Detective Jennifer Holden must use everything at her disposal to resist falling in line with Fury Abatu’s wishes. But, how long will Jennifer be able to say no?

Main Genre: Graphic Horror

Other Genres: Cop thriller, suspense, paranormal thriller


What readers are saying...

J.C. Brennan: A Brilliant success, that is what I would call Rochelle Campbell’s Fury From Hell. Rochelle had made an exciting character in Detective Jennifer Holder. Her past of murder when she was young is an usual past for a detective to have but it adds a sense of intrigue to the story.

Dianne: Fury from Hell by Rochelle Campbell goes beyond edgy and dark as good vs evil collide head on and the lines become blurred, jagged and twisted in the living nightmare that has become Detective Jennifer Holden’s life. Jennifer is an atheist, because what God could allow the things she has experienced and witnessed?

Sharon: Rochelle Campbell writes with humor and enthusiasm and Fury From Hell is a very enjoyable read. It is fast paced and leaves you wondering what will happen next as you eagerly turn the page.

Elre: Reading this book I wanted to know what was going to happen next. My curiosity got the better of me. There were times that I had goose bumps (and I was actually a bit scared to keep reading) and the plots and twists were never expected.