A non-confrontational high school senior obsessed with her missing best friend is thrown into a war-torn world where high fantasy is the reality after she is hit by a car and forced to choose between accepting death or earning her life back. To save her friend and make it home, not only must she brave a delusional queen’s interrogations and a power-hungry she-elf’s machinations, but she must also choose the faction she believes is right and lead them to victory in an epic battle that will decide both her fate and the fate of the world.

Frost: An Otherworld Tale is a young woman’s heartfelt, fantastic journey of self-discovery at heart. Lauren Frost’s adventures in Daraglathia remind us to be careful what we wish for, and try harder to appreciate what we have.

  • I’m Chelsea Clemmons Moye, a Southern girl who’s always had her head in the clouds, dreaming of being an author for a living.
  • I’ve been working on my ideas for Frost for the past ten years. It started out as about what someone’s life might be like if you took a person from our world, and dropped them into a fantasy world unexpectedly.
  • I am a few short scenes away from completing my first draft of Frost, and I’m making lots of notes for the editing and polishing that are just around the corner.