This story has its roots in a dream in which I lived in a house on the river -- literally. As the house traveled down this turbulent river, I found myself killing a man in a graphic manner for some unknown reason. I hid the incident from my family (not my family). Meanwhile, my older sister/best friend prepared to get married. I resented her fiance for taking her away. Did I forget to mention that we came from a rather supernatural family? (More on that later.) I also resisted a prophecy over my life that I would kill my own sister. On the night of her ceremony, I looked up at a sky of four moons. Even stranger, an illuminated object fell out of the sky like a lunar beam. This otherworldly blade landed beside me, and I knew that I would fulfill the prophecy...There you have the seed of this work. More on this to come.

That seed has sprouted as I proceeded to put it to paper (or screen, rather), and it has continued to evolve in my mind. Though I have an idea as to where the story will go, stories tend to take on lives of their own. When my friends tell me that they look forward to finding out how my stories will end, I usually say that I look forward to finding out as well. If what you have read intrigues you so far, then I invite you to find out with me.

Interesting characters will continue to present themselves in an even more interesting setting (kind of a character of its own, really -- like Wonderland or Silent Hill). That said, I must confess that Alice in Wonderland has often inspired my writing. Of course, I grew up with the Disney animated movie. It was my go-to whenever I was sick as a child. The strangeness and whimsy, the impossibilities and contradictions -- they impressed my susceptible mind. They play in my imagination even in my adulthood. I like the protagonist’s courage and curiosity, but the most fascinating character is the Cheshire Cat (as many people seem to agree). His madness shows hints of sanity and wisdom. He has fun with it all, and he makes us laugh. His mad world and his own madness both seem to amuse him. What a great character for inspiration!

Now that you know a little bit about this story and my writing in general, maybe you would like to know a little bit more about me. (You made it this far, after all.) I am a pastor, a wife, a martial artist, and a personal trainer. My husband and I own a gym/martial arts studio where we teach. I used to compete in amateur MMA, boxing, and grappling tournaments for several years after graduating from college. Writing took a back seat during that time, but the time has now come for that to change. For taking the time to read about me and my potential debut novel, thank you!