The U.N.S. Ishtar was a triumph of coordination and engineering. The result of over a decade of cooperation between many countries on multiple continents, nothing like it had been seen in human history. It left Earth as an ark, carrying the sleeping seeds of the societies that built it, seeking fertile new worlds on which to sow them.

Dr. Nerana Jackson was a colonist. Aimed at the Colonial Academy from her first year in medical school, her selection for the mission was the culmination of almost a decade of hard work, struggle, and sacrifice. She went into suspension knowing that she had earned the right to go to the stars, eager to awaken on the new world she was sure awaited her.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go according to plan.

Now, on a ship that is more haunted house than technological wonder, Nerana will face a new mission. She trained to save lives and heal the living. The answers are among the dead. Far from home and more alone than she has ever been, she must piece together the mystery of what happened and why - and she must do it quickly. Whatever cost the Flight crew their lives still lurks within the Ishtar’s hull.

About the Author

I am from a town that sprouts authors like a lawn sprouts dandelions. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and my spouse and I are the loyal household staff to a pair of fuzzy feline overlords. I am also pretty awful at talking about myself.

I have been writing stories since grade school. I’ve lived in five states, worked in a kaleidoscope of different fields, and promised myself "someday" literally more times than I can count.

I’m hoping that with the opportunity being offered by Inkshares and Nerdist, and enough hard work, "someday" has finally arrived.