Awakening suddenly from a dream, realisation hits Varin that time has passed. Three hundred years to be exact, yet he looks no older than twenty and has combat knowledge that he can’t remember acquiring.

Joined by others, he begins searching for answers. Along the way, Varin runs into Drogun, his brother, who reveals a prophecy foretold centuries ago. A prophecy detailing crystals that control the world’s elements and a dangerous enemy unlike any other. It is with the knowledge of this prophecy that they decide to go searching for the crystals.

A mysterious man named Holfast is also looking for these crystals. Could this man be the dangerous enemy they have been forewarned against?

About the Author:

I’m Darren Arquette, I am a nerd. I love video games, comics and books, I’m greatly inspired by them all and would like to introduce to you Forgotten Tales: A Phoenix Dream: Enhanced Edition.

I always like to tell stories of something ordinary becoming extraordinary, be it a normal day breaking down into a hell world, or a young child waking to be an adult in an entirely different world, and I hope to do more of that in the future with your help.

About the Future of the series:

I’ve always planned for more in the Phoenix Dream Saga and many other unrelated, spin off Forgotten Tale titles. I’ve already begun work on PD2 but just couldn’t get the thought of unfinished business with PD1 out of my mind, and so had to return to the first to finish what I started.
Once this campaign, and PDE, is complete I shall be finishing off PD2.

Thank you for checking out this page. If you like the idea, please, pre-order today! Or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.