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Franny Bari is a fast talking Kelly Girl from New York who heads to Los Angeles when things get too toasty in Hell’s Kitchen. Trouble finds her again in the City of Angels when her private investigator boss Dom Marone takes the case to find out the identity of a young woman whose body is dumped in the La Brea tar pits. Dom tracks down the victim’s boyfriend, a drummer with a taste for cool jazz and pure heroin, but when the cops find the rim shot Romeo with a slug to the head from Dom’s .38 special, they pin the rap for both murders on Dom.

Franny is convinced that Dom has been framed like Whistler’s Mother. Her determination to clear his name throws her into the path of Detective Carter Tate, a blue blood from Detroit whose last stop on his fall from grace is the LAPD homicide squad.  Tate suspects a cover up and the two outsiders form an uneasy alliance. Their search for the truth takes them from glamorous Hollywood nightspots like Ciro’s and the Mocambo, to mobbed up carpet joints and skid row flophouses. In a town lousy with bookies, ex-cons, crooked cops and fallen starlets, Franny is going to need all her street smarts to stay one step ahead of the real killer. 

Flight of Angels turns the conventions of the noir detective story on its head by telling the story from this street smart secretary’s point of view.