Kate Hohl's latest update for Flight of Angels

Oct 10, 2017

Hi everyone, 

I found out late last night that there is a new deadline for the Launch Pad contest. It is being extended to next Monday 10/17. I’m not sure what the reason is for the change but never fear, Franny is currently investigating...

So, the competition continues! The good news is that Flight of Angels is still in second place and now there is time to pre-order a copy if you haven’t had a chance to do it yet.  Please help spread the word!  Every pre-order helps cement Flight of Angels position in the top 3. Here is the link to the book page:  https://www.inkshares.com/books/flight-of-angels

Things have gotten pretty exciting,  so if you would like to follow the action in the contest, you can click here and hit the Leaderboard tab: https://www.inkshares.com/contests/launch-pad-contest

Thank you all again for your incredible support!