FATAL PRECISION (83,000 words) is a female-centric upmarket thriller with a speculative bent.

Resident surgeon HOPE KESTREL was eleven when she witnessed her mom’s death from cancer. Now, she’s a staunch believer in the new technology. It’s the solution to prevent the kind of pain her mother endured and a guarantee she’s saving lives and leaving her grief behind.

Prognostic Intelligent Medical Algorithms (PRIMA) delivers precision medicine guided by artificial intelligence. Their A.I. sorts patients into “responders” and “non-responders,” a cost-effective system that promises to rescue the struggling healthcare system.

Hope’s worked hard to become PRIMA’s High Resident and is poised to receive a coveted faculty position. Until the day a responder unexpectedly fails treatment, and a new intern questions why.

Skeptical intern JACIE STONE, a young Black computer scientist, joined the program with an ulterior motive—to find a way to help her teen sister, denied treatment by the algorithms.

Hope dismisses Jacie’s suspicions but privately begins to have doubts. Shortly after, the Director, MARAH MADDOX, places Hope on unjustified leave. Security escorts Hope off the premises.

Jacie follows Hope, revealing her background and offering Hope a trade. She’ll hack into the system to help Hope investigate Marah, if Hope finds a way to help Jacie’s sister. Hope agrees, and they form a reluctant partnership.

They soon unearth a dark world hidden beneath the shiny, sterile surface. PRIMA’s been falsifying their data to boost the algorithms’ accuracy rates—and their profits. Jacie also proves to Hope that structural biases in the algorithms are resulting in denial of care to those who deserve it—like her sister.

If PRIMA isn’t stopped, more people, especially the poor, will die at the hands of Big Data and its greedy developers. At first, a few, then a flood, as the system discards those it deems unlikely to survive treatment—without ever giving them a chance.

Even worse, Marah has her own secret plan for the algorithms. And when bodies go missing, Hope deduces Marah will stop at nothing for her unethical agenda.

To save Jacie’s sister, Hope must expose the conspiracy and stop Marah. But to do so, she’ll have to accept Jacie’s help, trust humanity over technology, and find the courage to face her past—even if her grief destroys her.

Inspired by the A.I. already in effect in our current day, along with the increasing corporatization of healthcare, FATAL PRECISION tackles the power—and limits—of technology over life and death decisions. Think THE WAREHOUSE and MINORITY REPORT, but set in a hospital.