Welcome to Best State University.  That’s B.S.U. for short.  Student population 100,000. Home of the mighty Horse Chestnuts.  Located in in central Baudin Ohio.  Which is in turn home to the worlds highest population of Heroes, monsters, vampires, werewolves, fairies, extraterrestrials, espers and pizza parlors.  None of which anyone actually believes in, especially the pizza parlors.  Get that shit delivered!

BSU is also home to the one and only Paranormal investigations Club.  A student group dedicated to investigation all that paranormal stuff no one else can be bothered to believe in.  Though that is really only the tip of the iceberg, as the kids are saying these days. 

The PIC was first founded by one Emily Faust in the year of 20XX.  Founding members also Include Dante Kilcullen(Hero), Raven the Blood Drinker(Vampire), Sonja the Executioner(Werewolf),  Issac the Agent(Marooned extraterrestrial), Jezebel Sin(Death Sprite), and of course club adviser Dr. Kiki Saunders, Ph. D. Applied Theoretical Black Magiks.