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On the other side of the universe, the crew and colonists of the Tereshkova search for a new home.

Billions of light-years from Earth, in the vast cosmic wasteland of space, the stage is set for a dangerous odyssey of discovery and adventure.

William Flynn is just a rookie reporter when he boards a transport flight to the first colony outside of Earth’s solar system. Eager to start a new life with his girlfriend Darya upon arrival, Flynn’s plans - and those of the crew - are thrown into chaos when their ship is hurled across the universe and left stranded in the cosmic ocean.

Left alone in a strange, new galaxy, and with only their wits about them, Flynn and the crew must journey through a galaxy of hostile aliens, an intergalactic war, and countless hurdles in a desperate bid to survive and recolonize, all while seeking out a way to reunite with the human race.

With a ragtag team of engineers, navigators, and inexperienced personnel at the helm, their quest will test their resolve and forge true strength as they struggle to survive in a cold and unforgiving universe.

Cover painting by Jay Jackson, WorldsAwayArt