TCC Edwards's latest update for Far Flung

Oct 3, 2017

Still going! I’m still pitching away, mostly with followers of and I’m trying to get some more distant acquaintances on board. I’ve been talking about the book with the Busan Writing Group a little – and they are some very busy people now, let me tell you. The group has a new anthology of short fiction and poetry in the works – you can even hear me talk about it on the radio!

I’ve got another Lore Update here for you – all about the Alliance, the main antagonists of Far Flung.

The Alliance, a Federation Corrupted

The Alliance started when the Kryannian and Quan races first met, several centuries before the events of Far Flung. Originally a consortium dedicated to peace, understanding, and discovery, the Alliance welcomed all sentient beings and worked to improve the means of communication between very different cultures.

One method of translation, however, proved to be the downfall of the Alliance. Quan cyberneticists developed cortical language implants designed to work with several member species of the Alliance. At first, the results were amazing – vastly different species could communicate far more effectively than before. There appeared to be no side effects, and the Kryannia approved the distribution of implants to volunteers throughout the worlds of the Alliance.

Forces within the Quan government, however, found a way to take control of all implants. They used the implants to subjugate others, bringing beings under their control. By the time the Kryannia understood the betrayal, it was too late – a faction of the Quan had taken over the Alliance, with billions of willing slaves working for them. This new Alliance set out to conquer new worlds and amass an even greater army.

The Kryannia split from the Alliance during a massive civil war, and formed the Rogue Factions. Kryannian engineers developed habitats in thousands of remote locations, providing homes for millions of beings who no longer trusted the Alliance. Scientists like Asar worked to modify implants already within the minds of Rogue species, and found ways to protect those beings from Alliance control.

At the start of Far Flung, Asar encounters William Flynn, a human with a cortical device all too similar to Alliance implants. The Kryannian is understandably reluctant to use the advantage it offers in overcoming the language barrier. With the Alliance all around and little time to act, Asar makes a difficult choice and uses Flynn’s implant to initiate contact. It is now up to Asar to protect the humans from the mistakes of the past and ensure that they remain free from the Alliance’s control.