TCC Edwards's latest update for Far Flung

Oct 19, 2017

The Road to 250

With the contest over and 37 days left, I’m looking at the prospect of getting 250 pre-orders. I’m also wondering about The List for 2017 - a number of Launchpad Entrants from last year made that list, but unfortunately I don’t have direct control over my own inclusion ... maybe if we generate enough buzz together? Worth a try!

To get to 250, I need help from my followers here, and I will have to turn to Twitter and other resources to pitch more potential buyers. With no contest going on now, every order helps, including multiple orders from one user. If you’ve ordered once, consider ordering again. If you’ve already ordered more than one (and some folks have, thank you!), perhaps you know someone who will order one.

Will you order another copy? 

If you haven’t ordered yet, will you help me reach 250?