Michael Ostrowski
The author has created a highly inventive world for the reader to immerse themselves into, and an adventurous story that will keep them turning pages!
Jeyna Grace
Far Flung starts off on an interesting premise, where a lot of thought went into building the story and its relatable protagonist. This book is definitely something worth checking out for sci-fi junkies.
Chris Picone
It kind of reminds me of that scene in Torment: Tides of Numenera on that spaceship, if you've played that. Pre-ordered, and looking forward to reading it.
Paul Plante
Currently funding and part of the Nerdist contest! An enthralling and detailed adventure with intriguing and intricate characters and worlds. TCC Edward's knows how to write compelling situations. Check it out
Ashley Brandt
The premise of this book has me already wondering if the main character and his crew will return home!
Jammed with quick references to advanced technology, little tidbits about the characters and the seeds of multiple subplots all combine to hint at an enthralling adventure to follow. Highly recommend supporting TCC in the Nerdist contest.
Andrew Wood
With an intriguing opening, interesting subplots and dynamic characters, Far Flung is garunteed to be the Sci-Fi novel you've been waiting for! Pre-order this excellent book now to support the author in the Nerdist competition!
C.D. Gallant-King
Great start so far! Exciting and thrilling sci-fi that jumps right into the action. If Far Flung can keep up this compelling pace, it should be a great read and contender for the Nerdist contest.
Rochelle Campbell
Far Flung immediately draws you in from chapter 1, the drama of an impending nuptial coupled with humanity expanding into another galaxy makes for fab scifi reading!
Michael James Welch
Very stoked for this to be published - I've wanted to write a Colony Ship book for years now - this will be my fix instead!