NOTE: This is the stand-alone sequel to The Last Faoii. While not strictly necessary, you may consider reading my debut novel before moving on to this one. Click HERE to see it on Inkshares and HERE to see it on Amazon.


More than a century has passed since the events of The Last Faoii. In the unforeseen aftermath of what is now called the Godfall War, power has shifted, and the victors have repainted history. Clearwall has grown to distrust anything involving magic, and The Proclaimers have worked for years to systematically hunt down every member of the ancient hedonistic order of the Faoii.

Loathing the "Betrayers" of the past, and worse--knowing what happens to witches in Clearwall--Alana will do whatever it takes to keep her little brother safe. Because she knows something the Proclaimers don’t:

Her brother can see things no one else can see, and an old woman speaks to him in dreams...

...She calls herself Faoii.