Updates, Faoii! We’ve taken our first hill!

Another warrior has picked up an Eternal Blade, and we’ve surpassed 50 pre-orders! Let me hear your warcry!

Our charge is building momentum, and I have no doubt that we’ll be unstoppable a month from now. But we still need more warriors in this fight. Find me soldiers. Prove to the world that this book is worth it to you. Make them hear us.

We still need another 700 orders to reach publication. We can do that. We WILL do that. But it’s going to take every one of us.

The Last Faoii, this book’s predecessor, is available here on Inkshares and on Amazon. There are more than 50 reviews there, too, if you or a potential soldier needs more proof of its worth. The audiobook should be out on Audible in the next couple months and is voiced by the well-known and INCREDIBLY talented Sara Morsey. There’s a Faoii short story coming out in an anthology in the Fall. You can follow progress on all of these developments by following me on Facebook. I’m working on making T-shirts.

We have ample recruitment tools available for this war. Let’s use them. Let’s make this real.

We’ve taken the first hill of many. It is far from the last.

Shields up.

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