Greetings, Faoii.

As you probably know, our "Name A Character" contest ended last week. The orders were to share a post or pre-order a copy, and each warrior that performed their duty would be entered for the chance to name one of 15 new characters.

However, we didn’t even have 15 soldiers pick up their swords on this one, so I’m at a bit of a loss.

To those of you who have done your part to try and make FAOII BETRAYER real-- I thank you. I am aware of you, of what you’ve done for me, and I’m going to think of something better than a name in a story as a way to honor you for being at my back. Give me a couple days to create something worthy of you, Faoii. 

Until then, I hope that my love and gratitude is enough rings loud enough for you to know my sincerity. 

Keep your shields up.


Greetings, Faoii!

The NAME A CHARACTER contest is almost done! Haven’t entered yet? Don’t worry! You have until JANUARY 1st to either 1) pre-order your copy of FAOII BETRAYER or 2) head over to Facebook or Twitter and share any of the Faoii Betrayer posts. Or both! You get 5 entries every time you retweet or share, and 10 entries for every book you pre-order.

This book only becomes real if all of us work together. The e-books are only $10. That is not so much for a dream.
Keep those shields up.


Faoii! It’s CONTEST TIME!! 

I promised that if we got up to 100 pre-orders I would run a contest, AND WE’VE DONE THAT. Well done, my warriors. I am so proud of you.

(I made a video about the contest, but Inkshares doesn’t support videos in these updates, so click HERE to see it.)



There are 15 new characters throughout FAOII BETRAYER. I want YOU to be one of the people to name them. There are 3 ways to enter: 

1) PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY For every copy of FAOII BETRAYER you pre-order, you get 10 entries into the contest (if you’ve already pre-ordered, you are already entered to win). 

 2) HELP OTHERS TO PRE-ORDER For every new recruit you bring to the fight, you get 10 entries AND they get 10 entries. We need 750 pre-orders to make it real. Don’t forget that if you pre-order and we don’t hit funding, you get your money back, so there is NOTHING to lose. 

3)SHARE For every FAOII BETRAYER post you share on social media (any platform), you get an additional 5 entries into the contest. It doesn’t cost anything at all to spread the news, but that is the ONLY way we’re going to make this book become real. 

 Click HERE to make sure you’re getting updates and that your pre-orders are in!

We’re up to 100 Pre-Orders, Faoii! Well done! 

Of course, we still have a long way to go (we need 750 if we want to see this book be real) but this is a good start. As promised, I have sent everyone who has already followed the story the second chapter of Faoii Betrayer. Find out how Alana’s little brother first stepped into the forbidden world of magic, and how Alana responded by clicking here.

I’ll send another update again soon-- assuming more soldiers pick up their blades. Faoii Betrayer only costs $10 for an e-book. I know that if it was your dream and your war that would seem like nothing at all. But, I assure you right now-- $10 can change absolutely everything for me. 

Let’s make it happen. Keep those shields up.


Greetings, Faoii.

Originally, I gave this campaign a year to fund. I figured our veterans from the first campaign would lead the charge and new soldiers would answer the call as word spread. I thought a second war would be easier, even if we did need three times as many blades to win. 

However, my warriors, we’re about halfway through the campaign, and only 13% of the way to our goal of making Faoii Betrayer real. It would be easy to say that it’s not going to happen. That the world or the writing or the army isn’t strong enough to pull this into being. That we’re going to fail.

But we still have 136 days.

136 days to find enough people to force this book into reality. You made it happen with The Last Faoii. And you kept battling after the initial war was won. You’ve read that book. You’ve reviewed it. You’ve rated it. You’ve asked your local library to get it in if you can’t afford your own copy. You’ve listened to the audiobook if you don’t have enough time to read. You’ve shared it on your social media pages pages. You’ve spread the word. You’ve shown the world that the first book was worthy and that the second book is worth it, too.


Because when I dubbed you Faoii, I did not give the title lightly. You’re a warrior now. You’re part of our army. And no one gets to rest until all the blades have been lifted.

There are many types of warriors. If you’re strong enough to pick up 10 swords (which is the maximum allowed by Inkshares) then do that. I’ve never had a champion of that magnitude before, but I know there are people out there who are capable of it, if we can only reach them. If you’re only able to lift one blade, then raise it high. If you’re only able to share the news on your social media pages, then shout your battle cry at the top of your lungs. I’m not asking you to mow down a thousand enemies on your own, my warrior. But I am telling you to fight for this. 

This dream might be mine, Faoii. But it depends on you. It will take an army to win this war. To make our cry heard over the millions of other authors out their scrabbling with toothpicks and cautious nips in a world that requires swords and shields. That require Faoii. And we’re the only army in the world that can boast that claim. This hill should be ours. It will be ours.

Keep those shields up.


Greetings, Faoii!

This is a short update. First off, the Audible sales for The Last Faoii have been going incredibly well! And I am so pleased I am able to say that. Many of you might know that I don’t listen to audiobooks, so I was nervous when I decided to put one out for The Last Faoii a month ago. I didn’t know what to expect or what it should sound like. Luckily, I was contacted by an AMAZING and talented voice actress (Sara Morsey) who knew the ropes, and she helped me create something amazing. But again, I was nervous. I was so far out of my element. I didn’t know what I could bring to the table.

I do now. I know exactly what I can bring. I have had SO MANY audiobook aficionados tell me that The Last Faoii holds its own in a world I wasn’t expecting it to be part of. I was afraid to take that step, but I am infinitely glad I did. I feel like I’m finally starting to be part of the seasoned warriors’ circle. And you know what? The Last Faoii is worthy of being here. If you haven’t gotten your audible copy yet, you can do so by going HERE.  It’s free if you create an Audible account. And if you’re an audiobook reviewer who likes strong women leading armies, send me a message either here or on Facebook. I have free promo codes available for bloggers and social media Faoii. Let’s show the world that we’re worthy of being heard.


Now. For Faoii Betrayer. It’s the first day of NaNoWriMo and this year I’ve decided I’m going to work on the novel I promised you a year ago. Today I wrote 2,934 words. I’ve been dragging my heels as I face internal issues here at Inkshares, but I’m willing to give it another shot if you all are. And, even if we decide to go another route, I do still need to finish it. So I’m going to. Because, honestly, it is so much better than you know. I promise you’re going to want to read it. But the only thing that really inspires me to write is you showing me that it’s worth the trouble. Pre-orders do that well.

I’ll post another chapter if we get to 100 pre-orders (you can read the first chapter HERE). Tell your friends. Best-case scenario, we get 750 pre-orders and Inkshares starts taking The Faoii Chronicles seriously and we become something greater than we are. Worst-case, everyone gets their money back. There’s nothing to lose, but so much to gain. Let’s win this war together.

And Keep those shields up.


Updates, Faoii! We’ve taken our first hill!

Another warrior has picked up an Eternal Blade, and we’ve surpassed 50 pre-orders! Let me hear your warcry!

Our charge is building momentum, and I have no doubt that we’ll be unstoppable a month from now. But we still need more warriors in this fight. Find me soldiers. Prove to the world that this book is worth it to you. Make them hear us.

We still need another 700 orders to reach publication. We can do that. We WILL do that. But it’s going to take every one of us.

The Last Faoii, this book’s predecessor, is available here on Inkshares and on Amazon. There are more than 50 reviews there, too, if you or a potential soldier needs more proof of its worth. The audiobook should be out on Audible in the next couple months and is voiced by the well-known and INCREDIBLY talented Sara Morsey. There’s a Faoii short story coming out in an anthology in the Fall. You can follow progress on all of these developments by following me on Facebook. I’m working on making T-shirts.

We have ample recruitment tools available for this war. Let’s use them. Let’s make this real.

We’ve taken the first hill of many. It is far from the last.

Shields up.