Christopher Huang
Ms Downing manages to pack a lot of personality and atmosphere into a comparatively short excerpt. The likes and dislikes of the main character, along with her relationship with her brother, are illustrated with a very natural grace. Dispensation of information requires some skill in a mystery, where so much depends on what is known, what is discovered, and what is deduced. This is perhaps more true of a supernatural murder mystery, where a significant part of the story depends not on common knowledge but on the author's imagining of how things work. If this excerpt is any indication, this will all be handled and introduced with expert smoothness.
Stephen Carignan
Though the exceprt of Falling from Grace is short, the dialogue and characters seem very natural. I felt the emotional tone of the piece through the words and would like to see what happens next. Unfortunately with small sample, I don't have much to review aside from I would like to read more.
Colleen Probst Misner
Sounds like a great book 📚