Book Blurb:

War has broken out between the shells, fragments of a shattered world that humanity clings to for survival. To stave off the conflict, survivors of a brutal attack seek help from the one source no one else believes can help: the dragons. But the creatures are fractured into two factions and caught up in a fight of their own, a conflict that may be connected to the war above. As the survivors seek answers and help, they stumble onto a secret long lost that once nearly destroyed the world. A secret that has the power to save humanity. Or end it.

About the Book:

Fall is completely written and is book two of four in the Future Worlds series, a project in the works since the mid 90s. You can pre-order a copy of Rise here (also available on Audible). The author isn’t afraid to toss something out and start afresh if the story demands it. Originally intended as a trilogy, the characters demanded a fourth book be inserted, so the author obliged. Shatter, the third novel, is 1/5 written.

About the Author:

Brian Guthrie, 2017 Dragon Award nominee Best Scifi novel, is an independent author of science fiction, fantasy, and more. His first novel, Rise (book one of a series of four, available now) won the Inkshares Nerdist Contest and his second novel, After Man (co-authored with Michelle Guthrie; release TBD) won the Inkshares Geek and Sundry Contest, making him the first author on Inkshares to win two contests. He has completed Rise’s sequel, Fall (which is now available for pre-order as it awaits Inkshares/Audible production), and has plans for a joint project science fiction/historical fiction piece, some historical fiction, and much more. He is married to Michelle Guthrie, a father of a girl who defies gender roles, and has two cats.