I was worried that Logwyn might not be able to keep my interest in her quest, but one bewildering sit down with the infamous Nidfar and I am back on the shells and in the thick of things. Can't wait for the full version.
Brian Guthrie
The sequel to Rise is here!
Have to hand it to the author Brian Guthrie, his counterpart in the story, Logwyn, continues to pull at the threads of this mystery unraveling the skein of a very intricate tale. I was drawn right back into the story once she sat to talk with the old man. I love the fact that all is not as it seems.
Jon D Lockhart
Rise was amazing, Fall will certainly be a trip to remember.
Stephen Carignan
SPOILER FREE REVIEW:The strongest selling point of Fall is its predecessor Rise. The difference between the two is all the compelling action, mystery, and characters have been established in their world. With the addition of new forces, the author brings this world to life (again) and gives the reader a great journey.