Fahrenheit: Awakening is the first novel in a series of nine books. It follows the story of seventeen year old Marcus Hunt, who returns to Victoria City only to find it engulfed in a pandemic only known as the ’Drought’.

Determined to find a cure to save the suffering city, he joins up with Organisation Fahrenheit, a covert group of Summoners dedicated in finding a cure for the Drought whilst finding the root cause of the deadly disease.

Why is a seventeen year old finding a cure for a deadly disease? Well, turns out he is a Summoner too. Marcus, along with his Revenant Prometheus, will traverse the wild plains of the Other Side to fight Shadows, find a cure for the Drought and, along the way, learn of a looming threat buried deep within their hearts.

What makes this story unique?

The uniqueness of this novel is derived from its very subject matter. Other than Taran Matharu, there are very few authors that delve into the magic of summoning monsters to fight by your side and transform that into the main basis of the novel. With Fahrenheit: Awakening, I intend to not only create a sub-genre within ’fantasy’ as a whole but also to merge it together with YA, which I believe will give my novel a distinct flavour and make it stand out amongst all the ’Tolkien copy cats’ and other generic tropes in the ’fantasy’ genre.

How readers can help you shape your draft?

As a budding author, my number one priority is reader satisfaction. Through this draft, I would love to cultivate a healthy and active relationship with readers and backers who enjoy the concepts that I introduce. However, if they don’t enjoy it, I invite them to, both plainly and constructively, let me know what they like and don’t like about the manuscript. Whether it is about the characters, certain story arcs and themes or just the novel as a whole, I am willing to take all and any criticism in order to achieve the goal of having my very own novel printed and published one day.