Jane-Holly Meissner's latest update for Fae Child

Jun 7, 2017


Hello backers and followers!

Sometimes when I am sitting at my computer in the early morning, finishing up the first draft of Fae Child, I still can’t quite believe that you all believed in me enough to back my book and secure me a publication deal with Inkshares under their Quill imprint. I am working hard to finish up the book and prepare it for editing. THANK YOU all, so very much, for your support and encouragement.

As you probably already know, I have a second book which I entered into Inkshares’ newest contest, a science fiction novel competition sponsored by Nerdist. While work continues on Fae Child, this contest is a fantastic opportunity for me to line up another book series for publication. The top three books will win full publishing contracts with Inkshares, and at least one will be chosen by Nerdist to join their own imprint, with all the publicity and support that entails.

Mutants: Uprising is currently in the top 3, and I would dearly appreciate your preorder to help me remain in the running to win. There are just 18 days left in the contest, and the rest of the contenders are beginning to up their game and creep up on the leaders. You supported me once, please consider doing it again!

If the contest ends and I do not place, I will not be extending the campaign to try to get to 250 orders and publication that way. I did that for Fae Child, but I don’t have the time to do another long crowdfunding campaign. Mutants: Uprising will return to the backburner and refunds will go out, while I finish up the edits on Fae Child and get the manuscript polished. (Even if I do win, Fae Child will be completed first, so do not worry on that front.)

Thank you so much for your continued support,

What people are saying about Mutants: Uprising -
"Such a cool concept with unique execution, in 2nd person. Meissner is an engaging, creative author and I’ve no doubt that Mutants: Uprising will be a brilliant read."
- J. Graham-Jones, author of 1000 Faces and Witherfist

"A brilliant concept promising inventive action, compelling characters and an exciting new world, with a unique 2nd-person narrative style. An automatic buy, for me." - Evan Graham, author of Proteus and Tantalus Depths

"X-Men is the obvious link, but the story also kind of strikes me as bring like a mutant version of True Blood. 2nd person POV is a novelty, and in this case well-written. Bought my copy, look forward to reading the finished piece." - Chris Picone, author of Kanimbla

"X-Men and Lovecraft. Two of my fave things in one book, also with a rather unique writing style, makind it stand out from other books I’ve read trying to do the same. Interesting and looking forward to seeing where this ends up!" - Anniken Haga, author of Artificial Generation