Fading Sun:

Shaun Wells, a self-orphaned boy living in London in a post apocalyptic time where water is the most scarce resource, humanity is quickly fading into the violent history of the planet. While trying to save a friend held in the Great British museum, Shaun is confronted with a vision of Earth’s salvation... and he’s the key to it all. He sets off in search of the answers and mankind’s salvation, but is it destiny that is calling him forward, or false hope?

About the author:

I am a a baker by trade, a tax accountant by qualification and a writer and reader by love. Mysteries, adventures and epic journeys have always resonated with me, as well as a dark humor and sarcastic outlook on life. Fading Sun is one of the first novel length drafts I have worked on, the others being short stories and drafts, and so far my journey with Fading Sun has been epic to say the least. If all else fails, at least I had a writing journey that I can think back on one day.