Story Summary

She had secrets and Jordan Meadow was fading. 

It would have been easier to nicely ask her all about it; but then, she had to die and leave him guessing. And guessing was something he excelled at. Except, some matters could not be sorted with just launching a card and wishing for your ace. Matters that involves your very life. For in those circumstances, you have to do more than just guessing. You have to don a sleuth’s visage and unravel deep mysteries - or you’re sure to FADE!

Bonus wreck: he has less than a year to escape fading...

Words collide!

Four Hearts skip...

Two women hid! 

Secrets unravel. 

 Will he altogether fade out in her void of secrets or will he be able to get the pieces of his life back together before he disappears completely?


A quick note about the story from the Author

This story for one, is uniquely suspense packed. It will make you want to keep turning the pages. Fortunately, it’s a Book One and you can always come back for more.

I really enjoy writing about Meadow Jordan as we follow him on his discovery all through this Four part series.

I have all the details in my head, but your participating comments and welcoming reviews would really help me realise how to shape the scene in a perfect way. Trust me, it will.

I hope for a perfect manuscript before the second half of the year. Many thanks to you for stopping by.

Thank you and much love from me.

Blink Faith