Face of the Assassin is the sequel to Tears of the Assassin, which has been described as, "A gripping, inventive novel rife with suspense and intrigue." The novel continues the explosive story of the world’s best assassin, David Diegert. Readers will experience a blistering, rocket propelled story as Diegert is forced to take lives while struggling to protect those whom he loves. Acting as an agent for the CIA inside the clandestine power cluster of Crepusculous, Diegert struggles with the duplicity of his role as he is pulled into the familial power structure of the world’s wealthiest corporation.


Thrust into a world of power and corruption, reluctant assassin, David Diegert is drawn deeper into Crepusculous, the shadowy organization behind Omnisphere, the world’s largest corporation. Omnisphere’s worldwide release of its cryptocurrency, Digival, redefines money placing tremendous power in the hands of the leader of the Crepusculous Board, Klaus Panzer. With unprecedented influence, Panzer asserts himself as the peerless master of the global economy. From his inside view, Diegert witnesses the concentration of power with disgust and contempt. He plots to destroy Panzer, take over Omnisphere and assert his own vision of a new economy.

At first though, Diegert must fulfill an obligation as an assassin for whom the technology of Creation Labs provides a tremendous tool, which allows him to utilize his deadly skills while avoiding any chance of being caught. Can Diegert use technology to shield himself from the evil of his lethal trade, or is the human soul culpable no matter how well hidden? As Diegert struggles with his dilemma, he meets the stunning Julie Kellerman, daughter of Crepusculous Board member Dean Kellerman. As the attractive couple become friends and eventually lovers, David’s past with Carolyn Fuller brings unexpected complications that tear at Diegert’s heart and force him to decide, what kind of a man is he?

About the Author, William Schiele

I grew up intrigued by thrilling stories that gripped my imagination with tension and conflict. The life and death struggles the characters faced kept me turning pages as twists and turns leapt out of well crafted sentences. Now I am using my imagination to craft stories that I hope will captivate you, keeping you entertained with thrilling characters in dangerously challenging situations.

When not writing, I teach Human Anatomy & Physiology and Exercise Physiology at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the story.