A confession: I used to really dislike weed.

I used to be the type of girl who’d feel disappointed and concerned when her significant other would smoke up excessively; a girl at whose birthday a guy would feel the need to ask permission to get high.

Now, I see it as an integral part of my life. I use it for perspective and clarity, for bursts of creativity, and for enhancement of the senses.

I wanted to share the story behind this transition, as well as the things I’ve learned about the substance over the years – both awesome (i.e. the virtual impossibility of overdose) and cautionary (i.e. heavy use, at 7 or more times per week, may lead to detectable impairment in memory and other cognitive functions, reversible with an abstinence of 28 days).

The official description:

Love, weed, and a love-hate affair with weed. 

Abby undergoes a peculiar struggle in her youth: to try to enjoy pot. 

For years at the behest of her stoner friends and lovers, she tries and fails to smoke up and like it; until one shining day, she experiences marijuana’s enhancement of abstract thinking, bestowing upon her a new perspective on life, love, and everything in between.   

Epiphanies Whilst High Out Of One’s Mind is a work of narrative nonfiction with a predominantly humorous tone, seeking to both entertain and educate in a highly exciting time of marijuana law reform. It is one cannabis enthusiast’s attempt to raise consciousness on the still-controversial substance.

WARNING: May contain excessive randomness, inane rambling, and romantic sappiness.