What would you do with gloves that make any stone weightless for the wearer, no matter the size? Or a blue orb that repels water like a magnet, regardless of the volume? Keeping them safe from thieves is the highest priority.

Manny, a drifter living on the streets of Los Angeles who’s been given a tremendous gift, and Jane, a down-on-her-luck research scientist trying to prove herself to the scientific community, offer two perspectives to unravel the mystery around a series of events that lead to a paradigm progression unlike any before, which is all the more impressive when it’s discovered that human history extends much further into the past than mainstream authorities wish to acknowledge. Ancient pieces of technology begin to threaten the hidden established hierarchy, and a race to control every significant relic leads to a battle over the most powerful structure ever devised by man. Who will win out over the others, and who will gain the ability to bring about, or permanently prevent, the dawn of the next golden age?