We broke the 20 order mark today, and as promised I've added Chapter Three to the preview available on Inkshares.  Happy reading to all!

And if you're on the fence about ordering, keep your eyes peeled for Chapter Four once we blow past 40 orders.  Still hanging in there with the Nerdist contest, but we still have a long way to go.  Good luck to everyone involved!  I've got my eye on a few of the other prospects myself.  Lots of captivating material, and plenty of good competition, which is only good for everyone.  Each visitor to this site is another potential reader for every author, so let's keep 'em coming.

I've just finished another chapter, only a few more before a fully complete draft.  If I can keep my current pace (fingers crossed) the writing will be wrapped up in three weeks, and then it's full focus on editing.

One week ahead of schedule so far .... right on schedule.

Finally broke through the 10 pre-order milestone!  Not bad in just a few days, based on the pace of the Nerdist contest so far.  I'm no where near the top 10 yet, but I'm hoping to get closer.

If I reach 20 pre-orders I'll add another chapter, and I'll add one more at 40 as well.

Thanks for all the support, and as always, keep reading!

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I've finished writing nearly all of this book, so depending on the response I may add a longer preview beyond the first two chapters that I've already posted.  This is my second novel, hopefully of many, with the first being a self-published work entitled Ascension that can be found here.

I first decided to write Eon Shift when examining some of the incredible knowledge that we know the ancient peoples of our Earth possessed.  As I'm sure is the case with any writer I succumbed to my imagination, as usual, and soon had expounded a grand hidden history of human scientific wisdom that had, at its center, a singular idea: levels of technology beyond what we are currently capable not only existed in the distant past, and many of those technologies survived to the present.

At first I believed the process of designing powerful relics from the ancient past with capabilities that essentially have no limit would be a fun and engaging task, but I soon realized the darker side of infinite technology casts a deep shadow as well.

Then again, how do we know to appreciate the light without the dark to remind us?