ENVOY TO LAN’LIEANA is the story of a man desperately trying to end a war and a barracks mother who trains young soldiers for his cause. The two have never met, though they have more than a few traits in common which serve both to infuriate and inspire one another as the cadet’s graduation tournament nears.

Seventh Counsellor Kiernan has had seven years to find a way to end the multi-generational war between his home and the matriarchy of Lan’lieana. Having failed to win the war by martial force, Kiernan is preparing to leave on a diplomatic envoy that will take him from the mountains of his home into the sea-kingdom of their enemy. As he prepares to leave, Kiernan’s personal guard confirms that his soldiers have mutinied. There is a price on his head, as only a traitor would want to negotiate with the enemy.

Barracks mother Vinicia is the bastard child of the only Seventh Counsellor to have returned from his Envoy alive. Born with a talent for magic from her dryad mother, Vinicia has hidden her gift for the four decades as a servant in the Palace’s military academy. She had succeeded at avoiding Kiernan as well, until four years ago when Kiernan made two street kids and their dryad-kin friend into military cadets. Coming out of hiding for the first time in her life, Vinicia took the three cadets under under her wing, secretly teaching the dryad-kin how to control his talent while the other two boys train to survive their conscripted year at war.

Now, as Kiernan prepares to escape the Palace after the cadet’s graduation tournament, he must also make arrangements to name an heir to his seat. As the same time, Vinicia realizes that the young dryad-kin’s magic has begun to surface in his two brothers. Abandoning her obscurity in order to preserve theirs, Vinicia confronts Kiernan about his plans for the cadets, only to have the situation backfire when Kiernan confirms her fears. If what they suspect is true, the use of magic will be the next evolution of the War unless Kiernan can succeed where every man before him has failed.