Welcome Dear Reader,

My name is Shawn and I am happy that you’ve dropped by my corner of the internet.

Reader: *Whistles innocently* I’m only here because I clicked on something by accident. Anyway, what sort of stuff do you write?

Shawn: Rather than tying myself to a particular genre, it is my aim to write stories that are first absorbing, thrilling, emotionally engaging page-turners, but that also give the reader some mental food to chew on. I’ve chosen (at least for now) a theme of unity and understanding, which I think are great things to promote anytime, but especially in the current world climate.

My first book, Entering Darkness, is a suspense thriller. It tackles the apparent conflict between science and religion, and does so in a unique way. This topic really resonates for me because I grew up in a conservative religious environment until my early twenties and later became a scientist.

Reader: Hmm... Pitch me.

Shawn: Human evolution may have had a little help. And the God, god or godlike being(s) responsible left their signature encoded into human DNA.

After a biologist discovers the evidence while performing spare-time research on his own crackpot hypothesis, he is promptly murdered by a ruthless and powerful general who will stop at nothing to keep the information secret. That puts James West, who was the best friend and colleague of the murdered scientist, and therefore a suspected confidant, unknowingly in the cross hairs of the general and his men.

But when the general kidnaps his beloved wife, James begins to search for answers. His desperate quest to rescue his wife will take him to the edge of sanity and force him to question every belief he holds dear. The only way to succeed will be to enter the darkness he fears more than anything: that of his own soul.

Reader: But what makes it special?

Shawn: Entering Darkness smashes the boundary between science and religion and explores whether there is a true conflict between them, as well as delving somewhat into themes like whether or not violence is ever justified and the mercurial and finite nature of truth. But at its core the story is a journey of self-discovery. James (and indeed some of the other characters) experiences a crisis of worldview and must find his own way to adapt.

The novel jumps between a first-person account of James and third-person accounts of other major characters. That may sound a little strange, but I felt it was the best way to tell this particular story, and I’m confident you’ll get used to it quickly.

Reader: Ok, I’m intrigued. What do I do now?

Shawn: This is a completed manuscript. Funding will start when I can build a big enough following to make it work. For now, the happening place to be is my author website. There you can learn more about me, join my mailing list (that’s the first place I will release news when I’m ready to start the publication journey), get access to sample chapters from the book, and read my blog.

Thank you for stopping by!