Who are we?

Robb has written a dozen musicals based on literature for a national children’t theater company. He choreographed or directed many more, and performed for many years in regional theater. Now he writes novels and performs at Rage on Musical Mondays. He is a proud member of West Hollywood’s gay community.

Sue entered two short stories in contests in 2016, that are now available in the contests’ anthologies: Cat Tales and To Hull and Back. Another of her stories made it to the Quarter-finals of ScreenCraft’s 2016 Cinematic Short Story Contest. She used to be a costumer. Now she’d rather write, so she’s working on two more novels.

What is ENHANCED about?

On Second Earth, when their Genic friend goes missing, two human teenagers uncover a plot to eliminate Genic Enhanced Senses even if it means genocide. When Genic Rights activists turn violent, the teens risk their own lives to save their friend and put an end to both conspiracies.


If you love LotR, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games, ENHANCED should be on your list.

ENHANCED is a story about belonging or not belonging. It’s about the harm that comes to a society that deliberately excludes those who are different from its mainstream population. Historically, literature and entertainment lack protagonists who are role models for many of those who feel they don’t belong. We created characters to counter that lack.

Our two protagonists are a 17 year old science-minded female named Ellisyn, and a 17 year old gay male named Tadeh who, on top of everything else, struggles with when, how, and to whom he should come out. The most important characters represent several races, and some of them happen to be gay. But we don’t make a big deal of it. We present them as we believe all characters should be presented: They are people. Or aliens. It depends. We hope you’ll read our work with an open mind and see it as a story about us, humans who are all one in our humanity.

So if you think it’s important for kids who feel like they’re outside the Mainstream to have strong literary role models, this is your chance to start the snowball rolling. Please support ENHANCED with a recommendation. Maybe even a short review. We believe it can begin to fill the existing void, but first it has to be published.

Sue and Robb