First off, I want to say that this story is complete. 100%. I even designed the layout of the cover (and sadly it shows). I would love to get the cover redesigned professionally with some wicked looking spacecraft on the front. For the last year I’ve been working on the sequel but it has stalled at about 25% through. This is partly due to my day job, but also because of indecision on my part about where I want to go with the plot. Maybe if I can garner enough support here on Inkshares it will give me that swift kick I need to keep writing.

But that’s for the sequel. About this story:

The main character is Commander Nathan Hawke who was chosen to pilot the scientific exploration to the M51 planet to determine its suitability for human colonization. But many of the team members have their own agendas for Hawke to contend with.

Eden M51 is a metaphysical space opera. Some people may wonder what that means so I will tell you without revealing too much (I hope). It means that the story questions traditional conceptions about God and Man’s purpose in the universe. The basic notion is this: suppose the ultra-powerful being, be it God or something else, that first created us is no longer up there, no longer watching over us, and has in fact turned away to create something new. Now suppose we just happen to stumble upon it.

So now you have been warned. Some people may not like it; they don’t like to have their beliefs shaken. Others, however, like to have them stirred. In the end, though, I hope you will find the story both entertaining and thought-provoking, the way good sci-fi ought to be.