I’m Mykl Walsh and I wrote the short story (Journey) that introduces Richard Saunders novel, SecretAgentMan. Our book was published by Inkshares (in hardcover) in December, 2015. (Click here to see that project on Inkshares)

I came up with the "Idea" of an Inkshares Authors Anthology as a way of combining the writing AND marketing talents of a dozen or so members of this awesome community.

Rich and I posted the Anthology pitch at the Inkshares Idea stage and built a following that included some of the best writers on this platform. After reaching 100 followers, we felt it had achieved enough street cred to move it to the Draft stage.

Until recently, we have only solicited writers on this site who had other projects in various stages. It is now time to begin to build a following of Readers and potential backers of the project in addition to inviting writers from outside Inkshares to join in the effort (and join the Inkshares community).

We will keep accepting author submissions until we receive enough high-quality entries to fill out the book.

Once we start taking pre-orders, our mission is to exceed the 750 mark. Quill is NOT the goal here.

Getting the full Inkshares publishing package is not easy. Since Rich & I were able to accomplish that by ourselves with our first project, we have high confidence that with a committed group working in concert, this project will succeed in a big way! It should also be fun and might even lead to building lifelong friendships.

Please help us spread the word and try to bring in more writers, readers and supporters.

Kindly insert the following link into your social media feeds.


Here is a short version for Twitter http://bit.ly/1LoJrZy

There will be an advance of $100 each paid to the winners (after we meet the funding goal and just prior to publication). For more details, read the comments section (on the right) from the bottom up.

If anyone wishes to follow the progress of the SecretAgentMan project that inspired this effort, click here for the book’s website.

Disclaimer: We aren’t looking for people on this page to buy our previously published Inkshares book! That is not what this is about. Save your money and your credits for this anthology or other deserving Inkshares projects that haven’t funded yet!