I write under the name of Malkuthe. There are those among you who would take a glance at what I have written for Dwindling Glory and say, "how apt," about my name. However, I assure you, my pseudonym did not come from the 10th Sefirot of the Tree of Life. Malkuthe is the Chronicler dragon-god of my high-fantasy multiverse. A self-insert, if you will, albeit one that has no power other than to tell the stories that I write.

The idea for Dwindling Glory came as a flash of insipiration during a crisis of faith. I had just become agnostic, thoroughly disenchanted with the promises of the church. It was during this time, as I became more and more horrified with every article I read of the injustices committed then and now in the name of religion, that an epiphany came to me—what if God was the villain, and the Devil only wanted to help us? That was when Dwindling Glory was born.

This is the third iteration of the story of Jason and Alex. I was never quite satisfied with the first two, for one reason or another. At this point in the development of this third iteration, any feedback is of use to me and much appreciated.