First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful comments and the encouragement. I’ve needed some motivation to get this project off the ground for the third time, but thanks to you, I’ve found it. Special shout-outs to one Mr. John Robin for the help!

Anyway, I’m getting a bit off-track here. I wanted to update everyone because I’ve posted a second excerpt from the beginning of Dwindling Glory. If you check Dwindling Glory’s page, there should be a second ’chapter’ entitled "The Long Con." I thought it was a pertinent thing to post since I felt as though "Eden" did not do a very good job in representing the dichotomy of writing styles and ’settings’ that would be present in Dwindling Glory.

Where "Eden" is an establishing shot of the greater lore of the world of Dwindling Glory, "The Long Con" is a much more intimate vignette of the life of one of the primary protagonists of Dwindling Glory. The juxtaposition of "Eden" with "The Long Con" should give you an idea of the kind of tone of voice that I’ll be trying to balance in my novel.

Here’s me crossing my fingers... *crosses fingers*. I hope you enjoy this peek at my work!

I am not quite sure if there is some unspoken etiquette about updating readers, as I am new to the platform. However, I shall try my best, and I apologize if I am bothering any of you.

If you haven't noticed yet, I have posted one of the earliest drafts for perhaps the opening scene or the prologue of Dwindling Glory. Any feedback would be much appreciated, and I do hope I am not inconveniencing anyone.

That said and done, I would like to thank you for following my work thus far, though there hasn't been much to show for it for some time. I hope you all have a wonderful day.