When I witnessed a child suffer from a birth injury at a medical malpractice trial, my writer’s heart wondered what her life would be like. Fantasy has always been my native tongue so those musings became the story of Munjin.

Born with a lame arm, Munjin’s family of beet farmers thinks he is useless, and pawns him off to a visiting sorceress. Unfortunately, the sorceress fears to teach him because of the dark future she sees in him.

When Munjin meets a shape-shifting dragon named Lake, it sets the would be wizard on a path against a predatory godling named Moneos. Hungry for power before his “graduation,” Moneos targets young dragons to add their essence to his own.

If Munjin can learn, or steal, enough magical know-how, then he might be able to save Lake, and prove himself to his teacher and his family.